Country Life

This place is my families little piece of muddy heaven, and the setting for what I hope to be a life long project, unless my wife makes me move to the seaside (extremely possible). True country life is almost a thing of the past, certainly in Kent, so it is something I am passionate about documenting for the generations to come in the hope they might build a few less houses, a few less Costa’s and remember what good can come of being part of a community. We used to live in a road with 70 other houses, we knew two people, to nod at. In Throwley we know almost everyone and I can honestly say people will go out their way to help and support you, old school values really go a long way…people forget that.

From sheep grazing in the graveyard to handwritten signs, bell ringing and afternoon tea these images are very dear to me. They are an insight into my world and a place I love.

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