Lockdown Portraits

In times of adversity documentary photographers find a way to keep snapping and telling the story of the life and times of the people around them. The lockdown and this awful pandemic has been a challenge for so many of us, in so many ways, and not least the children.

I felt it was important, despite our restricted movements, to show the world how some of us families here in Faversham are sticking together, staying home and building even stronger family bonds. A special mention must go to the stars of these photos, just some of the children in my daughter Felicity’s year 1 class.

I hope you enjoy these images and thank you to everyone who took part, but most of all I hope you enjoy the poem narrated by Felicity, and crafted by my very talented wife Katie.

Our own family bond has grown in this time, and now we have this amazing project to share forever, I am very proud of my talented girls!


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