Street Photography Workshops

The genre of Street Photography can be a lonely furrow at times and opportunities to learn from others on the street are limited. Of course you can buy a book, watch You Tube or join a camera club where street photography is frowned upon a lot of the time and not given the credit it deserves. Or, you could join me on a street photography workshop on the busy London streets, on Brighton Pier, in the classic British holiday resort of Benidorm and even as far afield as Hong Kong. None of the previously mentioned options are going to give you a real life experience, learning from a professional photographer and giving you the opportunity to make lifelong friends with people who share a passion for what you love to do in your spare time. My street photography workshops are inclusive, engaging and friendly and I aim to provide you with a fun learning experience coupled with free long term support in the form of a Facebook group and feedback on your images. I want to help you love street photography whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced user of a camera. Listed below are all my upcoming workshops, so feel free to take a browse and of course feel free to GET IN TOUCH if you have any questions at all.